The Washington Post

Frog stem cell research changes what we know about how organisms are built

Quanta Magazine / Wired

Cells Form Into ‘Xenobots’ on Their Own
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Science News

Frog skin cells turned themselves into living machines

Here are our favorite cool, funny and bizarre science stories of 2021

New Scientist

Living robots made from frog skin cells can sense their environment


Frog cells can form a self-powered living robot

Science Friday

Science news weekly roundup

Computer Designed Organisms · Science Friday: Xenobots II w/ Amy Nordrum (April 2, 2021)

CBC Radio

As It Happens

Computer Designed Organisms · CBC Radio's As It Happens (w/ Doug Blackiston)

The Independent

Scientists create new ‘living robots’ that have memory and assemble themselves

Evening Standard

Science & Tech Daily

Daily Mail

Microscopic ‘living robots’ created from frog embryo stem cells

Interesting Engineering

There’s a New Artificial Life Form on Our Planet


Scientists have created living robots that can self-heal and record memories

The Acedemic Times

These self-healing ‘living robots’ could one day clean waterways and detect disease

Times of India

Scientists Create ‘Living’ Robots That Think And Have Memories With Frog Cells


Self-healing “xenobots” mean a future with living machines

Wild Information

“But then people argue, what’s life?”



International Coverage:

ΕΡΤ (Greece)

Le blob, l’extra-média (France)

Xénobots : machines vivantes à notre service ?

Spektrum der Wissenschaft (Germany)

Roboterartige Kugeln aus Froschzellen gezüchtet

Bild der Wissenschaft (Germany)

Wuselnde Roboter aus Stammzellen

CNN Greece

Xenobot 2.0: Αμερικανοί ερευνητές δημιούργησαν την επόμενη πιο εξελιγμένη γενιά ζωντανών ρομπότ

Skai (Greece)

enobot 2.0: Η πιο εξελιγμένη γενιά «ζωντανών ρομπότ» που δημιούργησαν ερευνητές

La Razón (Spain)

Robots celulares que se regeneran a sí mismos: Biobots 2.0

Telemadrid (Spain)

Xenobots, un paso adelante en la vida artificial